A spinning wheel, a bouncing ball, and the adrenaline rush from the combination of luck and strategy—such is the game of Roulette. Despite Roulette being a pure game of chance, many players have sought to develop strategies to increase their odds of winning. 

Even though no strategy can promise a guaranteed win, they assist players in making informed betting decisions. Moreover, when players gamble, it’s not solely about the winnings; the thrill lies in the Roulette experience. Additionally, the anticipation and addictive nature of winning captivate players, urging them to continue betting. Thus, these strategies also prevent players from going overboard with their bets. 

Roulette strategies on roulette that will help you to finally win.

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Choose Your Best Roulette Strategy and Win

The roulette wheel provides a well-balanced and unbiased playing field. Since the wheel doesn’t follow a numeric pattern or switch colors based on a sequence, it ensures a random distribution, making it difficult to discern any order.

Even with a balanced design, players love to use strategies to make bets. Although new strategies emerge, these are classic and popular Roulette strategies players use globally:

  1. Martingale Roulette Strategy
  2. Paroli Roulette Strategy
  3. Parlay Roulette Strategy
  4. D’alembert Roulette Strategy
  5. Labouchere Roulette Strategy
  6. Fibonacci Roulette Strategy
  7. Andrucci Roulette Strategy
  8. James Bond Strategy 
  9. All-in Strategy 
  10. Constant Betting Strategy 

Which Roulette Strategy is the Best?

Every spin of the Roulette wheel is independent of the other, making the game purely chance based. The meticulous design of the Roulette wheel also plays a vital role in maintaining this balance and impartiality. So, strategies like Andrucci’s based on the principle of “hot numbers” try to implement strategies to random numbers but are enjoyable for people with a high-risk appetite. 

The Paroli Roulette strategy is our pick for the best Roulette strategy. This strategy is risk-averse and helps players to keep under their bankroll. But since it is only used for even bets (even/odd, red/black, 1-18/ 19-36) that give out 1:1 payout, they won’t give big wins to the players. 

Nonetheless, this strategy is perfect for beginners who don’t want to opt for confusing betting strategies like Labouchere and avoid going overboard with the bets. 

Types of Roulette Strategies

There are two types of roulette betting strategies:

  1. Progressive strategy
  2. Non-progressive strategy

Progressive Roulette Strategy

These strategies follow a betting pattern by increasing the bet size after each round. They could include increasing the bet size in increments or making a progression based on a win or loss. 

Some popular progressive roulette strategies are:

  • Labouchere
  • Fibonacci
  • D’Alembert
  • Martingale 

Progressive betting strategies could quickly multiply one’s losses and bet amounts. It is why beginners or those who don’t have a high bankroll must opt for less risky methods. Many progressive strategies are also not profitable for low rollers – meaning those who don’t play multiple rounds. For high rollers, these strategies can help even out the losses and winnings. 

Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy

Non-progressive strategies are best for low-rollers and those keeping their budget in check. However, they don’t appeal to players who want the Roulette experience. The idea of winning by following a strategy rather than luck alone is quite a confidence booster for many players. 

Some popular non-progressive roulette strategies are:

  • Constant Bet – Bet the same amount every round, regardless of a win or loss. 
  • All-in Strategy – You bet your entire bankroll on one wager. Although high risk, this strategy is best if you don’t want to keep on betting in hopes of increasing your winning chances.
  • James Bond Strategy – Stake high and low alternatively through the game. 

Because these strategies do not follow a pattern, we will not discuss them here. 

Best Roulette strategy which you can use to bet big and win big.

Best Roulette Strategies to Follow

The roulette strategy that you go for depends on your preferences and your risk appetite. So, here are some of the roulette strategies that players opt for to increase the thrill of the game and up their chances of making an overall win:

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Roulette strategy follows the principle of recovering losses. You start your first round with a small amount. If you lose, you double your bet for the next one. If you win this round, you recover the loss you incurred in the first one to balance it. This table explains how you can make money in Roulette if you lose in the first and win in the second:

Spin StakeResult ProfitRunning Total

But once you recover your loss, it’s not over. An addictive casino game like Roulette would leave you wanting more. The Martingale strategy keeps your betting amount in check because you must lower the stake to the original amount when you win. Let’s take a look at a game where you are on a losing streak and how the Martingale can help you recover the loss:

Spin StakeResult ProfitRunning Total

To minimize the chances of loss, players use the Martingale strategy to bet on outside even bets. Because these wagers have a 1:1 payout, the risk is low. 

However, even with even bets, there is a risk. On a losing streak, your wager doubles quickly. So, you might not have any money left to bet even if you haven’t recovered your losses. Additionally, even if you bet big, you might make a small win. 

Here are the pros and cons of the Martingale strategy summarized in a table:

It is a simple strategy that even beginners can understand.A losing streak could cause you to deplete your bankroll before you recover your losses.
It focuses on the principle of recovering your losses. If there’s a betting limit, you can’t exceed it to recover your losses. 
Even bets can give you small winnings without rolling high. You might be betting a large amount and getting a small win. 

Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli Roulette strategy is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. So, while you multiply your bets after every loss, Paroli suggests you retain the bet amount after a loss and double it after a win. However, unlike the Martingale strategy, he recommends you return to the original bet if you win thrice consecutively. 

Here is an example of how the Paroli strategy works:

Spin StakeResultProfitRunning Total

The Paroli strategy turns two disadvantages of the Martingale strategy into advantages. Firstly, it helps keep the bets under the Roulette table limit. Secondly, it could help you to get a small win without betting more money. 

However, the Paroli strategy does have some disadvantages. It is less risky, but you can recover your losses over multiple wins rather than with just one win. Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of the Paroli strategy:

You can stay under the Roulette table limitIt doesn’t help recover losses early 
The bet increases with wins and decreases after three consecutive wins. So, you don’t need a big bankroll. A losing streak doesn’t help in recovering from losses quickly. 

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The D’Alembert strategy works in increments and is quite simple to follow. If you’re playing Roulette with this strategy, you have to come up with a unit amount, for example, $2. Upon winning, decrease your next bet by one unit. Similarly, when you lose, you must increase your wager by that unit amount. 

Here is a table exemplifying the D’Alembert Roulette strategy:

SpinStakeResultProfitRunning Total

The best part about this strategy is that it keeps your bets and losses from multiplying. Also, since you set the unit amount at the beginning of the game, you don’t go overboard with the betting amount. However, since Roulette is a game of luck, you could be on a losing streak where you just manage to even out your wins and losses or even incur an overall loss. 

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of the D’Alembert strategy:

You can stay under the Roulette table limit and manage your bankrollIt doesn’t help recover losses early 
Self-setting the unit amount keeps you in control of your betting A losing streak could result in an overall loss
Roulette wheel and table full of playing chips

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

The Labouchere roulette strategy is the best pick for you if you have a high bankroll. While it is slightly more complex than other strategies, it is highly enjoyable. This strategy goes back to the 19th century and is popular among Roulette players today. 

Here are the steps to the Labouchere Roulette strategy:

Step 1: Decide Your Final Win Amount

First step is to decide how much you would like to win eventually. Although it might be exciting to assume a large number, make sure it is realistic because this strategy ties your win amount to your bets. 

Once decided, break this number into smaller numbers, not necessarily in a sequence. For example, you could break $15 into 3, 2, 4, 1, 1, 3, 1 

Step 2: Add Up the Numbers

The second step is to add the numbers first and last in the sequence. In this example, we would add 3+1 to make $4 – the first bet. 

Step 3: Make Your Bet

Bet this money on an even bet like even/odd, red/black, 1-18/ 19-36. If you win, cross the numbers you combined. So, you’ll have 2, 4, 1, 1, 3. Then repeat step 2. 

In the next round, if you lose, don’t cross out. Instead, add the bet you made to the right of this sequence. So, if you fail the second round by placing a $5 bet, you add $5 to the right of the sequence, making it 2, 4, 1, 1, 3, 5. In the next round, you will make a $7 bet. 

You need to continue betting till you get the amount you wished to win (in this case, $15). 

Here is a table illustrating the example given above:

Spin SequenceBetResult ProfitRunning Total
13, 2, 4, 1, 1, 3, 13+1 = $4Win+$4+$4
22, 4, 1, 1, 3 3+2 = $5Lose-$5-$1
32, 4, 1, 1, 3, 55+2 = $7Win+$7+$6
44, 1, 1, 33+ 4 = $7Win+$7+$13
51, 11+1 = $2Lose-$2+$11
61, 1, 22+1 = $3Lose-$3+$8

Although this is an enjoyable Roulette strategy, it is suitable for you if you are a high roller. Because if you are on a losing streak, your sequence could get long, and you will need to play longer to recover your losses and attain the goal-winning amount. 

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of the Labouchere strategy:

You can manage your bankroll by splitting the target winning amount into smaller numbers On a losing streak, you could deplete your bankroll before recovering from your losses.
Crossing out the numbers is very satisfying. This strategy requires you to follow closely to make bets. 

Playing big while following the best roulette strategies.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci Sequence in Roulette betting is based on the Fibonacci number sequence in which each number is a sum of the two numbers before it. The Fibonacci number sequence goes like this:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, …

According to this strategy, you go on to a higher number in the sequence with each loss. If you win, you go back two places in the sequence. This strategy also works best for even bets where the chances of winning are 48.65% in European Roulette and 47.37% in American Roulette. If you start doing this on inside bets, you may lose, even if you opt for a double street quad system. 

Here is a table exemplifying the Fibonacci Sequence in Roulette:

Spin SequenceBetResult ProfitRunning Total
21, 2$2Lose-$2-$3
31, 2, 3 $3Win+$3$0
51, 2$2Lose-$2-$1
61, 2, 3$3Win+$3+$2

Although this example illustrates three wins and three losses if you are on a losing streak and win after multiple rounds, you can only cover your losses rather than make a big win. 

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of the Fibonacci strategy:

Losses aren’t drastic as you’re progressing slowly with each loss rather than multiplying your bets like the Martingale strategyIt is not for high rollers as the losses can begin accumulating.
The sequence is simple to followThe system doesn’t increase your chances of winning because Roulette is a game of chance.

Andrucci Roulette Strategy

Best for high rollers and risk takers, this strategy targets the inside bets and focuses on making a big win. If you follow the Andrucci Roulette strategy, bet 30-36 times on even bets (even/ odd, red, black, 1-18/ 19-36). During these bets, you will get an overall win or loss, but the strategy is to take note of the numbers on which the ball lands. 

Players believe this strategy allows them to determine the “hot numbers.” Then for the next 30-36 rounds, the players place a straight bet on the most occurring numbers. It is a game that involves high risk. And therefore, it could quickly deplete your bankroll. 

Here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of the Andrucci strategy:

It relies on a 35:1 payout for a big win Losses could be drastic when you start with straight bets.
You keep betting on the same number till you winIt requires a lot of money to keep up with the losses.

Since Roulette is a fair game where every outcome is independent, the risk is very high. Also, with randomly generated numbers the payout might be high, but the chance of winning is 1/37 in European Roulette and 1/38 in American Roulette. So, it is not well-suited for people who have a low-risk appetite. 

Important Factors to Consider

Before you choose between the Roulette strategies discussed above, here are some factors to think about

Roulette Strategy and Betting Limits

All Roulette tables have a betting limit. Sometimes it is posted on or near the table. Other times, you must ask about the maximum bet the table can take. Some progressive strategies require larger maximum bets. So, even if you have the bankroll, checking up on the maximum can save you from diverting from the chosen strategy. 

Let’s say you opt for a Martingale Roulette strategy with a minimum bet of $10 and a maximum of $500. You can only double your bet for six consecutive losses before you hit the maximum. So, after a seventh loss, you will have to divert from the strategy, affecting your chances of recovering the losses early. 

Game Type

The American Roulette has a 1/38 chance of winning on straight bets. On the other hand, European Roulette has a 1/37 chance of winning on straight numbers and has a lower house edge. For example, you won’t want to choose an Andrucci strategy if you’re playing American Roulette since the chances of winning are lower and the house edge is higher. 

Risk Appetite and Bank Roll

Your risk appetite combined with your bankroll is essential to consider before choosing a strategy. Some strategies like the Labouchere require you to make sequences that go on long before you reach your goal amount. Other ones, like the Andrucci, focus on inside bets. Taking a risk isn’t for everyone.

So, select your strategy based on your bankroll and your risk appetite. 

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Important FAQs

  1. Which is the Best Roulette Strategy?

    Apart from the Andrucci Roulette strategy, all others aim to minimize your losses. The one that works for you depends on your risk appetite, bankroll, and whether you prefer high or low stakes.

  2. Can Software Programs Help You to Make Bets?

    Roulette strategies aim to reduce losses by determining the bet amount. However, no software can help you determine the number to bet on since Roulette is a game of chance. The software can help you follow a complex strategy like Labouchere or Andrucci but cannot determine the probability of a win.

  3. Can You Win at Roulette Every Time?

    No strategy guarantees a win, since Roulette is a game of luck. However, by following a strategy you can make informed bets to recover your losses and achieve your target win amount.

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