Craps is quite an enthralling casino game that uses two standard six-sided dices for outcomes. The game is simple: two dice, six numbers on each, and a possible 36 combinations. Craps combines the simple six-sided dice with the unyielding thrill of uncertainty. It is a fast-paced game, perfect for good players who love to test their luck.

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The Objective of Craps

Whether you’re playing at a brick-and-mortar casino or in online casino, the objective of Craps is simple – to predict and bet on the outcome of dice rolls. However, if you’re looking at the Craps betting table for the first time on online casino, you are likely to get confused.

The Craps table allows the players to place their bets on the possible combination or the sum of the numbers on the dice rolls. 

Basic Terms in Craps

Craps has a unique vocabulary that players get the hang of when they play the game repeatedly. For beginners, here is a list of the basic terms to understand before betting on a game of Craps:

  • Shooter – The shooter is the player who rolls the dice but online you just press the button or in LIVE Casino it is thrown by a mechanical device.
  • Come Out Roll – It is the first outcome of the dice. 
  • Point – The point is the first outcome of the dice and can be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If you will roll these numbers in LIVE Casino, a dealer will mark your Point (the rolled number) on the table. In Online craps casino games, you will se a small button that will appear when the Point is established. It says ‘On’. After this will happen the dice will be thrown again and you can hope that you will hit the same total number again. If yes, you win. If not, you lose.
  • Natural – If the come-out roll is 7 or 11, it is called a natural. If you will roll Natural, you will win and have a chance to roll the dice again.
  • Craps – If the come-out roll is 2 (is also called Snake Eyes), 3, or 12, it is called Craps and when you roll these numbers you loose. However, you will get another chance to roll again.

Betting Terms in Online Craps

The Craps table can confuse someone who doesn’t know the betting terms and what they stand for. Here are the basic terms:

  • Pass Line Bet
  • Don’t Pass Bet
  • Come Bet
  • Don’t Come Bet
  • Odds
  • Field Bet
  • Proposition Bet
  • Hardaway
  • Place Bet
  • Hop Bets
  • C and E Bet
  • Playing Craps
Online Craps table and how to bet in this casino game.

Pass Line Bet

Players make the Pass Line bet in Craps before the shooter drops the come-out roll. When a player places their bet on the Pass Line, they are predicting that the shooter will:

  • Get a 7 or 11 (Natural) on the come-out roll [combinations: (6, 1), (5, 2), (4, 3), (6, 5)]
  • Establish a point and get that point again before they roll a 7. 

You lose the bet if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12. 

Don’t Pass Line (Bar) Bet

The Don’t Pass bet in Craps is the opposite of the pass line and is made before the shooter drops the come-out roll. When a player places their bet on the Don’t Pass line, they are predicting that the shooter will:

  • Get a 2 or 3 on the come-out roll [example combinations: (1,1), (1, 2), (2,1)]
  • Establish a point, and don’t get it again before they roll a 7. 

You lose the bet if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11. You don’t win or lose if the dice rolls a 12 because it is called a tie. 

Come Bet

It is just like the Pass Line bet but made only after the shooter drops the come-out roll and establishes the Point for the game. When a player places their bet on Come, they are predicting that the shooter will:

  • Get a 7 or 11 [example combinations: (6, 1), (5, 2), (4, 3), (6, 5)]
  • Get a come-point and get it again before they roll a 7.

You lose the bet if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12. 

Don’t Come Bet

It is just like the don’t pass bet but made only after the shooter drops the come-out roll and establishes the Point for the game. When a player places their bet on Don’t Come, they are predicting that the shooter will:

  • Get a 2 or 3 on the Come-out roll [example combinations: (1,1), (1, 2)]
  • Will not get that point again before they roll a 7. 

You lose the bet if 7 or 11 rolls or the shooter gets the come-point before they roll a 7. You don’t win or lose if the dice rolls a 12 because it is called a tie. 


When a point or a come-point is established, you can take the odds. It means that you bet that the point or the come point will come up again before the dice rolls a 7. 

Field Bet

The area on the table marked Field has numbers 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11. It has two numbers in circles (2 and 12). Field bets are placed for the next roll, hence ‘ONE ROLL BET.’ 

  • The player wins even money on 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11. 
  • Players win 2 to 1 on 2. 
  • Players win 3 to 1 on 12.
  • The player loses if the dice rolls 5, 6, 7, or 8. 

Proposition Bet

This is a single roll bet on any roll and can be founded at the center of the table. It allows the players to bet on the following numbers or number combinations:

  • Any Craps (2, 3, or 12)
  • Ace Deuce (1, 2 or 2, 1)
  • Any Seven (any combination that is equal to 7)
  • Boxcars (6, 6)
  • Horn (total sum of dices is 2, 3 , 11 or 12)
  • Aces (1,1)
  • Any Seven (7)


It is also a one-roll bet found at the center of the table. It allows the players to bet on a pair of numbers. 

  • A pair of 3 (hard 6)
  • A pair of 5 (hard 10)
  • A pair of 4 (hard 8)
  • A pair of 2 (hard 4) 

The pair of 1s (aces) and a pair of 6 (twelve) are a part of the proposition bet. 

Place Bet

You can make this kind of bet after the shooter has established the game’s point. You can bet on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. If the shooter rolls any of these number combinations before they roll a seven, the player who has placed the place bet wins. 

Hop Bets

Hop bets are made on the exact combination of the dice. So, you can bet on 5 or 3, but you won’t win if you get an 8 with a combination of (6, 2)

C and E Bet

A C and E bet is a one-roll bet, meaning that the player predicts the following outcome to be craps (2, 3, 12) or eleven (11). 

Playing Craps

You are ready to start playing once you are familiar with all the terms and betting types on the Craps table.

When the game starts, you can see a button or puck with “OFF” written on it, meaning the Point has not been established. When the shooter rolls the dice and get the Point, the stick person turns the button or puck to “ON” and places it on the point number on the table.

You can wait for the shooter to make the point and later place come, don’t come, field, proposition, Hardaway, place, and hop bets. Or you can make a contract bet like pass line, don’t pass, come, and don’t come. Contract bets refer to those bets that you cannot take back once you’ve placed them.

You can even place both contract and one-roll bets throughout the game. The Boxperson and dealers are responsible for giving and exchanging chips, calculating payouts, and paying and collecting chips from bets. 

Electronic Craps Online in Casino from Nucleus.

3 Easy Steps to Start Playing Craps Online

With the rise of online casinos, you can enjoy casino games without ever heading to a land-based casino. You can play it anywhere at any time, according to your convenience. So, whether you’re a seasoned casino Craps expert seeking convenience or an adventurous newcomer looking to test your luck, know that the world of online Craps holds an irresistible charm.

The process can seem daunting for those who haven’t registered for an online casino. For your ease, we have outlined 3 simple steps to follow to start playing craps on an online casino:

  1. Find a reliable online casino (check its license, its deposit methods, and withdrawal methods).
  2. Register on the casino website to make a playing account by giving your details (Name, email address, country, contact number), setting a username and password, and making the first deposit.
  3. Select the electronic (slot) Craps game you like or head on to the LIVE casino lobby to play Craps with a LIVE dealer.

How the Online Craps Runs

Online Craps are played in the same way as at a casino. Here is how an online game of craps progresses:

  • You place bets on the Craps table by clicking on the virtual Craps table shown to you using your virtual chips.
  • The RNG “shoot” the dice by clicking the “Roll” button. If you’re playing LIVE craps, the dealer will place the dice to mechanical device and it will be thrown on table to ensure the game is fair and transparent.
  • If you win, you get the winnings online as a credit to your balance.
  • If you lose, you lose the virtual chips you got in exchange for your online casino account balance.
Dices thrown in Online Casino Craps.

Online Craps Pros and Cons

Online Craps is designed to mimic the in-casino gameplay. So, there are a lot of pros of playing the game online:


Exciting and Engaging

Online Craps mimic the high energy of the game that keeps players engaged and entertained. When you’re playing online, the software calculates the payouts, so the rounds are quicker, and the game is quicker. You don’t have to wait around for the Boxperson and dealers to decide the payouts after each dice roll. 

Convenience and Accessibility 

When you play Craps, you must position yourself around the table. You won’t prefer standing beside a person whom you’re not comfortable with. At the online casino, you don’t have to think about where you stand to enjoy the game like you want to.  Plus, you’re playing from where you want and at the time you want to play.

Many casino-based Craps games also have long waiting lines. With online Craps, you don’t waste your time waiting for your turn at the table. 

Wide Variety of Games to Choose From 

Online casinos offer a wide range of games to choose from, including first-person Craps, electronic Craps, or LIVE Craps. 

Bonuses and Promotions 

Online casinos offer a lot of bonuses and promotions to their players. You can avail a welcome bonus if you have registered for a platform for the first time. Regulars can avail of special deposit bonuses and free spins. 

Lower Bets

Land-based Craps games take minimum bets of $5 or $10. When you’re playing Craps online, you can even make bets as low as $1. Also, the software keeps track of the bets, so you can trust the software to make the right payouts. 

Realistic Graphics 

Online casino games aim to provide the player with a rich casino-like experience. Although electronic or LIVE Craps games don’t have the option for verbal interaction, they make up for it with outstanding graphics. 


Although online Craps is fun and exciting, there are some drawbacks to the game that you might want to learn about before you start playing the game online. 

Complex Terminologies

Online craps, like casino Craps, have complex terminologies and payout rules that the player must be familiar with before playing. 

Fast-Paced Nature

The fast pace of a Craps game is what makes it exhilarating. But this is what makes people make bets recklessly. The pace of the online Craps game can be overwhelming for beginners who aren’t well-versed with the bet types and the rules. However, they can play free Craps games online to get the hang of it. 

Lack of Social Interaction

Craps is known for its social atmosphere, where players gather around the table, cheering and celebrating. But this is missing when you play an online Craps game because you aren’t verbally interacting with the other players. 

Craps in Online Casinos

Online casinos offer two types of Craps games: 

  • Live Craps: Has a live dealer and a physical Craps table at a studio or land-based casino. Actual dice are rolled on the Craps table.  
  • Electronic Craps: It’s a virtual Craps game where you see a Craps table with realistic graphics. The dice roll is computer-based. 

LIVE Craps with a Live Dealer

When you’re playing online Craps, you get everything virtual and miss out on the experience of playing with other players and a dealer. LIVE Craps aims to mimic the casino experience as much as possible. But still, there are some differences in playing craps LIVE online vs. at a land-based casino:

Play on the Go

LIVE Craps is an experience of its own. For starters, you don’t have to stand around the table with other players. You can play anywhere you like – from your home, a restaurant, or on the go! Additionally, you can interact with other players via chat, but you cannot speak with them.


Another difference is that if you’re playing the Live Craps game by Evolution Gaming, the stick person loads the dice into a shooter – a mechanical arm that rolls the dice onto the Craps table. The players aren’t assigned the shooter position because they have joined virtually.

The LIVE Craps by Vivo Gaming has two dealers, one of which is the stick person and the other is the shooter.

Payouts are Automatic

Unlike a casino-based Craps game, the payouts and chips aren’t dealt with by the Boxperson or the dealers. You have virtual chips at a live casino game that you bet by clicking on the virtual casino table visible on your screen. You get the payouts automatically when the dice rolls.

LIVE Craps Providers

Unlike Roulette, which has a lot of providers for LIVE games, you have only two providers for LIVE Craps:

  • Evolution Craps LIVE
  • Vivo Gaming LIVE Craps 

Electronic (slot) Craps

An electronic Craps game is designed like a video game in which you see a virtual Craps betting table and virtual dice. Because the game is played on software, there are no live dealers.

However, one similarity is that the software calculates all the payouts, so it is equally fast-paced as a LIVE dealer Craps game.

Electronic or slot craps aim to deliver exciting gameplay with realistic graphics and exciting music. Also, since the game doesn’t involve paying for a live dealer, you can make smaller bets.

Here are a few of the providers of online electronic Craps games:

  • Nucleus Gaming Craps
  • Microgaming Craps
  • Rival Craps
  • Betsoft Craps
  • Playtech Craps

Craps Strategies

Since Craps uses dice to roll out numbers, it is entirely chance-based. So, no strategy works for getting your desired numbers on the dice. However, the best way to maximize your winnings at a game like Craps is to choose bets with the lowest house edge.

Minimize House Edge

Experts suggest you place the minimum allowed amount on contract bets first (pass/ don’t pass) because they have the lowest house edge. Then, you can proceed to lay the odds that have no house edge.

Minimize Risk

To minimize the risk, many experts suggest staying away from single-roll bets. They might be thrilling for those willing to take the risk but are not advisable for people playing Craps on a budget since they can have a high house edge. For instance, an ace or 12 bets have a house edge of 13.89%.

However, many other betting strategies for Craps help you bet and minimize your risk. But even the best strategies don’t guarantee a win. 

Craps on Mobile

Both Evolution Gaming and VIVO Gaming offer live Craps games that adjust to the screen size on smartphone devices. Other providers also offer electronic Craps that can be played on mobile devices.

Playing Craps on a mobile device is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow to play Craps on your mobile:

  1. If you don’t have an account at an online casino, head to the casino website through the browser of your mobile device.
  2. Register your account by giving the details.
  3. Make your first deposit in your account through any of the deposit methods.
  4. Pick the Craps game you like and start betting. Ensure you have an internet connection with good bandwidth to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience.
  5. If you win, your account will be credited with the money, which you can withdraw according to the platform’s guidelines. 
Online casinos where you can play online Craps casino game

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Important FAQs

  1. Is online Craps fair and reliable?

    Reputable online casinos use RNG (random number generator) technology to ensure that every roll is fair. So, choosing licensed and regulated casinos is essential to play a fair Craps casino game online.

  2. Can I play Craps for free online?

    Many casinos offer players the option to play Craps online for free. They give virtual chips to the player, which they can bet on in the game. It is best for new players who need to learn the game rules, learn betting types, and get comfortable with the pace before risking real money. However, playing online for free won’t get any real payouts even if you win.

  3. What is the minimum and maximum bet for online Craps?

    The minimum and maximum bets for online casinos vary based on the game providers. Generally, electronic or virtual Craps games allow low bets, while LIVE games have higher minimum bets, than slot or electronic Craps games.

  4. Can I interact with other players while playing online Craps?

    Standard online Craps games typically do not include direct player-to-player interaction. However, if you’re playing LIVE Craps online, you can interact with the other players through a live chat feature.

  5. Can I play online Craps on mobile devices?

    Many reliable online casinos have optimized their website layout for mobile devices allowing you to enjoy craps on your smartphone or tablet. Depending on the casino’s offerings, you can access the games directly through the mobile browser or by downloading a dedicated casino app.

  6. Do online casinos offer bonuses and promotions for Craps?

    Online casinos offer many bonuses to their players that can be used for Craps or other games. The promotions and bonuses may include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, or free spins.

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