Before the civil war, Libya used to be a choice destination for tourists visiting Africa. Libya is an Arabic country, and because of this, gambling in Libya is illegal. However, people still gamble safely and regularly in Libya. We’ll reveal how this is done in this article! 

Sports Betting Illegal
Online Sports Betting Illegal 
Online Casino Illegal

The table below provides an overview of the legal status of different gambling activities in Libya.

Gambling TypeLegality
Sports Betting Illegal
Lottery Illegal
Horse Betting Illegal
Card GamesIllegal
Roulette Illegal
Slots MachinesIllegal

Libya is an Islamic country (over 95% of the population), and gambling of all forms is illegal under Islamic law. As a result, the Libyan government does not issue gambling licenses. However, online gambling is popular among Libyans. Players can play their favorite games at safe international casinos that are licensed by reputable gaming authorities. Some of these licenses include the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the Curacao e-Gaming Authority, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). In this article, we will reveal all the safe online casinos that accept players from Libya. We will also provide you with some of the best welcome bonuses to help you get started at these casinos in Libya. 

Trustable online casinos accepting players from Libya

300% Welcome Bonus up to $3,000


Welcome bonus up to $2,200 + $15 cash


Welcome Bonus 100% Up To €500 + 200 Free Spins


Welcome Bonus 300% + Up To 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins


Welcome Bonus 100% Up To €500 + 200 Free Spins


Gambling Laws and Regulations in Libya

The 1953 penal code of Libya prohibits all forms of gambling in the country. This is following the teachings of Islam, which is the law (Shari’ah). Most of the laws of Libya and other Arabic nations are influenced by the Shari’ah law. 

You won’t find any gambling structures or land-based casinos in Libya. Even though some people engage in open gambling in popular markets, the country frowns at it. And perhaps the civil war has made it difficult to clamp down on gambling activities. All forms of online gambling including online casinos in Libya, are also illegal. 

Gambling in Libya

Despite its prohibition under Islamic law, online gambling in Libya is popular. To assist you in gambling anonymously and safely, we have formulated a straightforward four-step guide:

  1. Use a stable and secure VPN
  2. Pick the best payment method
  3. Pick the best welcome bonus 
  4. Register with a trustable online casino with a Legal license

Use a stable and secure VPN

To ensure your safe gambling experience in Libya, start by using a reliable and secure VPN. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) employs technology to create a protected and encrypted connection over a public network. This process hides your Libyan IP address, replacing it with an undetectable one. As a result, you can confidently access any online casino in Libya while maintaining anonymity. Consider these top VPN providers for your needs:

  • Private Internet Access (PIA) 
  • Nord VPN
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost
  • Express VPN

Pick the best payment method

The next step is to choose the best payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals. If you want to maintain your anonymity, it is important to avoid using local Libyan bank accounts. Cryptocurrency operates on blockchain technology and this makes it the best for ensuring confidentiality of all financial transactions.

Here’s another way to make discreet payments: use e-wallets. You can transfer money from your bank account or card to an e-wallet, and then use the e-wallet to fund your online casino account. When you want to withdraw money, you can withdraw it to your e-wallet first, and then transfer it to your bank account.

Remember that you should NOT fund your account with your cards or directly from your bank 

Popular e-wallets that you can use from Libya:

  • Skrill 
  • Neteller 

Here are some common cryptocurrencies that you can use in making payments:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) 
  • Ethereum (ETH) 
  • Binance Coin Cash (BCH) 
  • Binance Coin (BNB) 
  • Tether (USDT) 
  • Ripple (XRP) 
  • Litecoin (LTC) 
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) 

Pick the Best Welcome Bonus 

Online casinos in Libya offer welcome bonuses to new players. These bonuses can give you a significant amount of free money to play with, which can help you boost your bankroll and increase your chances of winning. The best welcome bonuses usually come with a match bonus, which means that the casino will match your deposit up to a certain amount – often doubling your deposit. 

Other welcome bonuses include free spins, which are free chances to play slot machines. Welcome bonuses are valuable and are available in both fiats and cryptocurrencies. We prepared the best bonuses with the most favorable terms and conditions for you:

  1. Deposit bonuses for players from Libya
  2. Free spin bonuses for players from Libya

Finally, you have to choose a trustworthy online casino in Libya. Important qualities that a good online casino should have include: a license from a reputable gaming authority, good customer support, a large games library, and competitive bonuses and promotions. 

Another quality of a good casino is the website’s compatibility with mobile devices. In essence, it should use HTML5 technology. Finally, a reputable casino will use top-quality SSL technology. This is a technology that protects scammers or third parties from having access to your information on the website. Check out the best categories of online casinos in Libya:

  1. Online Crypto Casinos accepting players from Libya
  2. Online Casinos accepting players from Libya
  3. Online Casinos that do not explicitly restrict VPN usage

Trustable Online Casinos Accepting Libyan Dinar (LYD)

Most online casinos do not accept payments in Libyan Dinar (LYD). However, if you’re bent on making payments in LYD, here you can find online casinos that accept Libyan dinars. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Tether (USDT), remain the best options for making payments at any online casino in Libya. Alternatively, you can stick to traditional fiat currencies like the USD, GBP, and EUR for more efficient financial transactions.

Best Online Games for Libya Players

To have a chance to win real money consistently, you need to play fair games with high return-to-player (RTP) percentages. When you register at a casino from our list, you are choosing a casino that has partnered with the best software providers in the industry. This means that the games are all fair and have great RTPs. Here are some of the games that you can play at these casinos:

  • Slots
  • Slots with progressive jackpots
  • Blackjack 
  • Baccarat 
  • Roulette 
  • Bingo
  • Video poker 
  • Crypto games
  • Special casino games 

Sports Betting for Libya Players

Although sports betting in Libya is illegal, you can still place bets on sports by registering with legal offshore bookmakers. These bookmakers are licensed and regulated in other countries, so they are considered to be more trustworthy. You can place bets on any sport of your choice, from football to basketball to tennis. You can also bet on the various leagues, cups, and events in any country. Here are some of the sports that you can place bets on: 

  • Football (Soccer) 
  • Basketball 
  • Tennis 
  • Cricket 
  • Baseball 
  • American Football 
  • Rugby 
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Golf
  • Motor Sports 
  • Boxing 
  • Horse Racing 
  • UFC
  • Cycling 
  • Darts
  • Snooker
  • Esports

LIVE Sports Betting for Libya Players

Do you enjoy watching your favorite sports and think you can predict what will happen next? If so, you may be interested in live sports betting in Libya. Live sports betting allows you to place bets on the outcome of a sporting event while it is happening. This can be a great way to add excitement to your viewing experience and potentially win some money. Here are some of the sports that you can place live bets on in Libya:

  • Live Football 
  • Live Basketball 
  • Live Volleyball 
  • Live Tennis 
  • Live Baseball 
  • Live Golf
  • Live Boxing 
  • Live Ice Hockey 

Although gambling is illegal in Libya, it is possible to gamble safely if you follow the guidelines in this article. If you want to find out how to gamble online in another Arab country, check out our article on Gambling in Arab Countries. The article provides comprehensive research on the secure methods of engaging in gambling in various Arabic countries.

Trustable online casinos accepting players from Libya

300% Welcome Bonus up to $3,000


Welcome bonus up to $2,200 + $15 cash


Welcome Bonus 100% Up To €500 + 200 Free Spins


Welcome Bonus 300% + Up To 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins


Welcome Bonus 100% Up To €500 + 200 Free Spins


Gambling in Libya – Important FAQs

  1. Is gambling legal in Libya?

    No, gambling in Libya is illegal. This is because Libya is governed by Shari’ah law.

  2. Are there land-based casinos in Libya?

    No, there are no land-based casinos in Libya.

  3. Are lotteries legal in Libya?

    No, lotteries like other forms of gambling are illegal in Libya.

  4. What kind of games can I play at an online casino in Libya?

    Some of the games you’ll find in online casinos include slot machines, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc.

  5. Can I play games for free online casinos in Libya?

    Yes, you can play games at online casinos for free. Many casinos on our list have demo games.

  6. What strategy can I use to win games at online casinos?

    Online casino games are games of chance. There is no unique strategy that you can use in winning.

  7. Can I play games at online casinos with my phone?

    Yes, you can use your phone to play games at online casinos. The casinos on our list all use HTML5 technology which makes them compatible with mobile devices.

  8. Are the games at the online casino in Libya safe?

    Yes, the games are safe. They are run by random number generators (RNGs).

  9. What is the best method of making payments?

    The best way to make payments at online casinos in Libya is to use cryptocurrencies.

  10. Am I eligible to receive bonuses from Libya?

    Yes, you are eligible to receive bonuses. Some of the bonuses include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, and no deposit bonuses.

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